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P-Code Opcodes List

September 28, 2009

I have backuped a Database of P-Code Opcodes so it can help you and me to reverse a VB program makes with P-Code.

Original URL: Database

HTML File Backuped: OpCode

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DLL Export Comparer

September 6, 2009

My friend Evilcry has released a new useful tool; DLL Export Comparer!!!

Dll Export Comparer can be used to differentiate DLLs and log differences into file.

It’s developed in Qt.

Here a screenshoot:



You must have 3 Qt Library:
– QtCore4.dll;
– QtGui4.dll;
– mingwm10.dll.

DLL Export Comparer

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Patch Diff 2: A useful plugin for IDA Pro

September 2, 2009

PatchDiff2 is a plugin for the Windows version of the IDA dissassembler that can analyze two IDB files and find the differences between both. PatchDiff2 is free and fully integrates with the latest version of IDA (5.2).
The plugin can perform the following tasks:

  • Display the list of identical functions;
  • Display the list of matched functions;
  • Display the list of unmatched functions (with the CRC);
  • Display a flow graph for identical and matched functions.

The main purpose of this plugin is to be fast and give accurate results when working on a security patch or a hotfix. Therefore this tool is not made to find similar functions between two different programs.
Patchdiff2 supports all processors that IDA can handle and is available in two versions: 32 bit and a 64 bit.

Patch Diff 2

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