Other fake MSN’s address

I discovered other fake MSN’s address. There isn’t much to say because they are similar to the previous fake address. I will only tell you the address and their malicious site respectively.

margaretekuter24@hotmail.com –>
http://www.freecamlink.net/a2vhj –> redirect to
http://webcammunitylive.com/?i=fec3e5eea65247c then –>

romabjorkman64@hotmail.com –>
http://www.freecamlink.net/a2vqg –> redirect to
http://webcammunitylive.com/?i=fec3e5eea65247c then –>

lavetakettinger70@hotmail.com –>
http://www.freecamlink.net/a2vpj –> redirect to
http://webcammunitylive.com/?i=fec3e5eea65247c then –>

grazynaamistadi97@hotmail.com –>
http://www.freecamlink.net/a8n6r redirect to –>
http://webcammunitylive.com/?i=c97edfdd517d54a then –>

Only one thing, the third url is always changing each time that you visit the first link. It redirect always to different girls. 😉

Bye, see you to the next post. =)


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